Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st - Welcome to SPRING .. oh wait it snowed 4+ inches last night! LOL!

Well I had thought we were finally over the "hump" of cold nasty weather ... boy was I wrong! LOL! Just like last year - we got a BIG *SNOW* storm at the first of March. I was soooo looking forward to warmer weather with lots of sunshine but I will have to tell you - I was just as excited as Trevor was this morning to see all of the SNOW!!

Trevor always wakes me up on the weekends in the morning around 6:50/7am .. it's just "our" thing - I heard him coming in like I always do, but I always keep my eyes closed so he thinks he is waking me up. Toddlers love when it's THEIR idea - ha! Anyways so instead of the normal "good morning mama" I get .. I woke up to "SNOW MAMA! SNOW OUTSIDE!". I jumped out of bed and couldn't believe me eyes. I grabbed the camera and had to take pictures before it melted. As I walked outside - I was shocked to see how deep the snow was!!! We all got up, ate breakfast, and we were out the door by 8!

We had a BLAST! Bryan pulled Trevor in the slide, they had a snow-ball fight, and Trevor made a snow-angel! It was GREAT family fun and I am soooo thankful for that wonderful time together!

Other news with our family ...

We are ALL finally well - well me and Trevor are well .. Bryan has yet to be sick at all this fall/winter! LuCkY - must have some super duper immune system! It took me about 2 FULL weeks to get over the FLU and the bronchitis. I had to be checked again a week to 10 days after getting the FLU because I was just getting worse. It seemed like my chest was tighter than ever and I simply couldn't breath. I didn't know what I was doing wrong because I was taking my medicine like I should, taking my vitamins, and was drinking lots of OJ. After getting examined - I was told my bronchitis was WORSE and I had a severe sinus infection on top of it. Basically my head was clogged and my lungs were in bad shape. He decided to check my PFT's(lung function) again like he had in November, the last time I had bronchitis - and what are we surprised to see... I am slightly asthmatic. He said I need to be on 2 inhalers - one for every day use to help keep my air-ways clear and one for emergencies. I also was put on a strong nasal spray to help keep my nasal passages clear too. Hopefully with this new routine I won't get bronchitis sooo much!

Trevor was back in the doctor last week because he had been pulling on his left ear. We thought - better safe then sorry - we should have him looked at. He has only ever had 1 ear infection in his life so I wasn't sure if he actually had one or not ... she took a peek and the left ear was FINE but the right ear had just a little fluid behind it - she said not even enough to bother him. She looked up his nose too and saw a little congestion and suggested we up his daily intake of Zyrtec to 1 1/2 tsp instead of the 1tsp. He will also need to stay on his Nasonex Nasal Spray until he is 4 and can get to the allergist. Other then that - Trevor is happy and healthy - seems to be on the right road with staying well! YaY!

As for the wedding plans ... we have our *FIRST* big planning meeting with Cedarwood on March 14th and I am soooo excited! We will basically start to pick out EVERYTHING for the wedding day. The bridesmaid dresses got here super fast - which surprised me considering they told me in January, for a July wedding I needed to get them ordered ASAP. I picked them up yesterday and they are PERFECT!!!!! Next week, we have got to get our self to the TUX shop to pick out the tux's/suits and have all the groomsmen measured just so they have everything on file - just another thing I can check off the list of 'Things To Do'! Our list is still sticking right at 100-110 which is exactly what we wanted .. very close friends and of course our loving family. My dress is still tucked away in Emily & John's spare bedroom closet. I haven't seen it since the day I got it and I am having with drawls! It is just sooo gorgeous & beautiful .. I might need to make a special trip over there just to sit and look at it! (.. Silly I know - but it's just the perfect dress for me - sooo thankful we found it! ..) Still haven't decided on a honeymoon - I am almost thinking we should take a cruise to save $$ but not sure how Bryan feels about that. We had talked about St. Lucia ... so we shall see. Wedding planning sure is fun and I am loving simply every min. of it! SO very thankful for all my supportive family & friends who are making this process so wonderful! LOVE you ALL!

Well that's a quick update with us ...

Have a wonderful MARCH!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Can we catch a break?!

It seems for the last 2 1/2 mths our family (me & Trevor in particular) has been very sick! We just can't seem to catch a BREAK!

It all started the day after Thanksgiving...with Trevor we have been to hell & back - from serious staph infections (2 to be exact), small cold, surgery (removal of adenoids & tonsils), recovery from you know where!!!, and bronchial pneumonia.

We had been completely well for almost a week or so ... then I start to get a sore throat on Monday of this week. My first reaction is - FIGHT it OFF! I work in a doctors office - I have the resources to fight this off. I started taking extra vitamin C, used the Zicam nose swabs, and was drinking Alka-Seltzers. By Wednesday - I knew I was going down-hill... I knew it would either be bronchitis (AGAIN - I am prone to chronic bronchitis) or I had caught the FLU that was going around. I am such a germ-a-phob I just knew it couldn't be the FLU... BOY how I was wrong. I went to work yesterday even though I felt like death! They sent me straight to the doctor to be looked at. She was convinced I had Strep even though I told her I have NEVER had strep and I know it's not that. They didn't run a FLU test which I felt was a little odd seeing as all my symptoms sounded just like FLU - but I was so out of it and wanted to get home .. I grabbed my fee ticket, gave it to my manager and was told to GO HOME and NOT to come back until I was well.

After texting my friend at work(the nurse) I came to realize I not only had bronchitis but I had the FLU on-top of that... I feel like I have been on my death bed since I got home yesterday. I am sooo disappointed in the 'flu shot' I got in October but from what I have heard/seen at work - 80% of the people who are getting the FLU have had the shot. It is just a different strand. My body aches, I can not breathe from the bronchitis, I have lost my voice, overall I feel like the most pathetic person ever. I couldn't even bare to lift my arm last night to take my medicine - so Bryan had to "spoon feed" it to me. Thank GOD for a caring and loving man - who is taking very good care of me.

I am SO ready for Spring & soooo ready for my FAMILY to be well. We have never had to deal with so much illness before E-V-E-R! We deserve a break ... after all the pharmacists at CVS are starting to get to know us on a first name basis. LOL! Please pray for my family.

On a positive note: Wedding plans are coming together PERFECTLY! :)

I better get my tail back on the couch resting...

All my love -

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008 ... HeLLo 2009!

I am new to this "blogging" world - but I'm going to start writing to keep our family/friends up-to-date with soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Bryan P. Keach! Yes, you heard me right - Mr. & Mrs.!!! After 10 years being the best of friends - Bryan has *FINALLY* asked me to be his wife! I am SO excited to take the next step & start on the journey to being husband and wife. Our little Trevor Bear is also very excited that his mommy & daddy are getting married - it's funny how a 3 yr old actually understands the concept of marriage... I am so thankful for such a wonderful man in my life. I know it must sound silly but Bryan truly is my soul mate & completes my life - plus he is by far the best dad I know!

I find myself just starring at my ring just because I can't believe I am actually engaged to my BEST FRIEND. Bryan did such a FABULOUS job on the ring - and did it all on his own! Gooo Bryan!!! Wedding planning is going to be SO much fun - I can't wait to start! We haven't set the date in stone as of now - but we are interested in August 8th, 2009! I will be going to the bridal show in Nashville this Saturday for ideas & to check-out local vendors. The whole process just excites me so much.

2009 I just know will be a wonderful year full of many blessings...2008 definitely was a great year for our family. We both learned a lot about ourselves - who we really are, what we want in life, and what we can do to better our relationship. Communication is #1 in our book. Our relationship is stronger now than ever!

I will do my best to write as much as I can ... I think this will be a good way to let out all my thoughts & for everyone to track the process of the Keach/Roden WEDDING!!!!!!