Friday, February 13, 2009

Can we catch a break?!

It seems for the last 2 1/2 mths our family (me & Trevor in particular) has been very sick! We just can't seem to catch a BREAK!

It all started the day after Thanksgiving...with Trevor we have been to hell & back - from serious staph infections (2 to be exact), small cold, surgery (removal of adenoids & tonsils), recovery from you know where!!!, and bronchial pneumonia.

We had been completely well for almost a week or so ... then I start to get a sore throat on Monday of this week. My first reaction is - FIGHT it OFF! I work in a doctors office - I have the resources to fight this off. I started taking extra vitamin C, used the Zicam nose swabs, and was drinking Alka-Seltzers. By Wednesday - I knew I was going down-hill... I knew it would either be bronchitis (AGAIN - I am prone to chronic bronchitis) or I had caught the FLU that was going around. I am such a germ-a-phob I just knew it couldn't be the FLU... BOY how I was wrong. I went to work yesterday even though I felt like death! They sent me straight to the doctor to be looked at. She was convinced I had Strep even though I told her I have NEVER had strep and I know it's not that. They didn't run a FLU test which I felt was a little odd seeing as all my symptoms sounded just like FLU - but I was so out of it and wanted to get home .. I grabbed my fee ticket, gave it to my manager and was told to GO HOME and NOT to come back until I was well.

After texting my friend at work(the nurse) I came to realize I not only had bronchitis but I had the FLU on-top of that... I feel like I have been on my death bed since I got home yesterday. I am sooo disappointed in the 'flu shot' I got in October but from what I have heard/seen at work - 80% of the people who are getting the FLU have had the shot. It is just a different strand. My body aches, I can not breathe from the bronchitis, I have lost my voice, overall I feel like the most pathetic person ever. I couldn't even bare to lift my arm last night to take my medicine - so Bryan had to "spoon feed" it to me. Thank GOD for a caring and loving man - who is taking very good care of me.

I am SO ready for Spring & soooo ready for my FAMILY to be well. We have never had to deal with so much illness before E-V-E-R! We deserve a break ... after all the pharmacists at CVS are starting to get to know us on a first name basis. LOL! Please pray for my family.

On a positive note: Wedding plans are coming together PERFECTLY! :)

I better get my tail back on the couch resting...

All my love -